Dementia Care Mapping

Waltham House Care Home feel it is vitally important to offer Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) as part of our mission to deliver person centered care.

Both our Manager and Deputy Manager are fully trained as Dementia Care Mappers. The process involves the constant, but discreet observation of our residents with dementia while in group and public settings. This enables the managers to see the home and the residents experience through the resident’s eyes.

These observations and data are then used to implement and improve staff understanding and knowledge around dementia care. And is part of our comprehensive staff training and improvement programme. The Dementia Care Mapping process is especially useful for those residents that have difficulty communicating their needs and preferences verbally.

Dementia Care Mapping aims to recognise that every person with dementia has a unique and individual identity, and encourages staff to see things from their perspective. Which in turn helps improve our resident’s wellbeing and our staff’s ability to care for your loved one mindfully and compassionately.

As a family member, we will liaise with you regarding your loved ones experience, the steps we have taken to improve and evolve their care and any improvements this may have had on their experience and wellbeing.