Carers Week 2017

Today marks the beginning of Carers Week, dedicated to celebrating and recognising the vital contributions the 6.5 million UK carers make.  

 Carer Friendly Communities

This year, Carers Week is focusing on building ‘Carer Friendly Communities’ to help establish a support system around those who do not have the luxury of having a care home environment. Caring is likely to touch each and every one of us within our lifetime – whether we become a carer or need care ourselves. We need to focus on raising awareness and educating people about the difficulties carers face.


Carers tend to be devoted, inspirational people who spend so much time looking after others that they often have little or no time for themselves. By setting up these special communities – whether that is offering flexible GP appointments, flexible working policies, or simply by raising awareness of caring in schools, we can help to make such a positive difference.

Working together

Let’s work together, in unison and make a difference to the lives of these incredible people. Spread the word and get the message out there – we are here to support carers. Here at Waltham House we even offer a respite service for those wanting a shorter length of stay. This offers carers the opportunity to have a couple of days to themselves, whilst knowing that their loved ones are in the very best hands.

Waltham House Carers Support Group

We are also introducing a regular Carers Support Group here at Waltham House. Caring can be a rewarding experience, as the team at Waltham House would agree, but for some it can be extremely isolating, stressful, frustrating, and financially tough. Looking after anyone in the latter stage of their life, particularly palliative care, means that other areas of the carers life often fall behind.

As a result we are setting up a support group for all the people in the community, who provide care or support for the elderly. We will be holding our first support group this Wednesday, 1.30pm at the home. If you would like further details then please contact us

We really look forward to meeting as many people as we can, and making a difference to the lives of carers.