Benefits of Day Services for the Elderly

Making the decision to place an elderly relative or loved one in residential care can be very difficult. They themselves might not feel ready to make the transition and give up the independence they’ve cherished. As a carer, you might feel like you’ve let them down but this really is not the case. If you and your loved one have found yourself in a state of limbo, there could be a solution in the provision of day services for the elderly.

Why choose Day Services for the Elderly?

Before taking the leap into residential care, you may find that day services for the elderly are the perfect compromise. Day services can give you, the carer, the extra support you may require and help your loved one to continue living independently whilst benefitting from stimulation, companionship and care.

Day Services for the Elderly | Waltham House Care Home Grimsby

What does Day Care consist of?

Here at Waltham House Care Home, Grimsby, our day services consist of a varied programme of activities, entertainment and of course, the same fantastic level of care our residents receive on a daily basis. You can choose to take advantage of a full day service or just a couple of hours – whatever suits you and your loved one. Day services include meals and personal care if needed, in addition to a full fun-packed activities schedule including professional singers, exercise classes and more. You can read about all about it on our Day Services page.

What are the benefits of Day Services for the Elderly?

Not only do day services benefit you the carer by giving you respite but for the elderly, day services offer sometimes much needed companionship by enabling them to socialise with their peers, combatting the loneliness often felt by elderly people.  Mental and physical stimulation through activity programmes, preserving their independence and even improving their quality of life.

It’s important that as a carer you take care of yourself as well. You can read more about this on the Age UK website. 


Waltham House Care Home, Grimsby, provides a full programme of day care services. If it’s something you think you and your loved one would like to look into then by all means, give us a call on 01472 827725 or visit or send a message via our contact us page.