Care Planning

Following your arrival and admission to Waltham House Care Home, Grimsby, our team will complete a full care planning session with you, and if applicable, your family member or representative. A care plan is a document that helps us get to know you and most importantly helps ensure the care you receive is personalised to you and your needs.

What is Care Planning?

The care plan document involves a comprehensive assessment of your needs, lifestyle choices and expectations of care. It can include the small things like your dislike of carrots right through to the exact medication you need and when. It outlines who you are, what your care needs are and any other information that will be important to the service you receive. It’s vital to have a care plan so that the various members of staff, carers and medical team who care for you are able to deliver the best service possible.

A care plan also ensures that as an organisation we are Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliant. CQC are a governing body appointed by the Department of Health and Social Care established in 2009 to regulate and inspect health and social care services in England.

Care plans tailored for you

Your tailored care plan will be under constant review by your keyworker and the Manager to ensure any changes in your situation are catered to and provision will be adjusted accordingly. Rest assured, you will always be involved in the process and should you need to view or access your care plan, it’s available for you at any time.

End of life care planning

As part of your care plan, we also cover End of Life planning and care. We will guide you through this process with care and dignity to ensure you’re fully consulted regarding your preferences, choices and wishes regarding end of life. This too is under constant review and should your wishes or circumstance change, your end of life care plan can be altered accordingly.